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JumboTours Today (ENG)

Jumbo Tours Today 9th edition

“The online distribution process is key and fundamental” Interview with José Luis Zoreda de la Rosa, Vice President of Exceltur, Alliance for Excellency in Tourism "What challenges does the tourism sector now face as a result of the boom in destinations that have been in crisis in the last few years, such as Turkey and Egypt? How might the current…

Advantages of a tour operator

They say that a long journey begins with the first step. But conceiving the road is no easy matter. Choosing a destination is only the first decision to be taken. After that, comes the purchase of airplane tickets, the reservation of accommodation, finding out how to get from the airport to the hotel, deciding on an itinerary which may include…

The role of the travel agent today

Every year, more than 1,300 million travellers all over the world pack their suitcases to enjoy well-earned holidays. Many of them are looking forward to disconnecting from their daily routines to explore new destinations and to live unique experiences in a journey which has been dreamt about for a greater part of the year. And the key to fulfilling these…

¿How do the millennials travel?

They are the future generation of consumers, and their likes, habits and needs have their own characteristics.  We are talking of the millennials, the young generation who are already taking up the reins of the market.  Do you want to know how millennials travel?  What they are looking for in their destinations or how far in advance they organise their…

New technologies, leading the way in the tourism revolution.

Those who have worked in the professional tourism sector for more than a decade have witnessed how new technologies have completely changed the situation.  Now, most of the tourist population is formed by more informed travellers, who want personalised experiences, who use information and communication technologies to find what they want and expect immediate attention from suppliers.    At the same…

2019 dates your customers cannot afford to miss

We're already halfway through the year, however those of you who love unique experiences, know that the best has yet to come. From the moment summer started until 2019 comes to an end, the calendar is packed full of luxury events. Being able to enjoy these experiences is a rare opportunity - and in some cases, a unique one –…