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Alpitour World

The international DMC division of Jumbo Tours Group is part of Alpitour World.

Alpitour World is one of Europe’s leading tourism corporations and a pioneer in the Italian tourism sector. The Group is made up of the country’s leading tour operators, the main distribution channel (made up of more than 2,500 travel agencies), the hotel company Voi Hotels and the airline Neos.

The Company has an annual turnover of more than €2 billion.

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Our brands

Jumbo Tours Group is one of the main international tourism operators. We offer a large range of services and products to tourism operators and travel agencies worldwide.

With more than 45 years of experience in the sector and extensive knowledge of the destinations in which we operate, we can count on a team of people who are specially trained and ready to guarantee a perfect and unforgettable experience to all our clients. Our commitment and hard work, as well as our constant evolution and commitment to technology, allow us to serve more than 2,400,000 clients a year and to represent the main and most renowned tour operators in the international sector.

JTG DMC Destination Services

JTG DMC Destination Service
DMC: products, services and in-destination experiences.
Passion for quality, years of experience, state-of-the-art technology and great customer service. Our commitment to our clients is one of our defining values, and that’s why we pay special attention to everything that makes us grow together, whilst always maximising quality.

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Online booking system

The No. 1 online wholesaler for travel agencies
Our exclusive platform for travel agencies provides a wide range of quality services worldwide: accommodation, bespoke or group transfer services and group travel management.
Its user-friendly interface, specially designed tools and availability – subject to market conditions – all contribute to helping increase profitability and maximising sales for its partners: the travel agencies.

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Transfers in all destinations
Through our transfer platform, you will be able to access real-time information regarding all the types of transfers we provide at our destinations, from group or individual transfers to luxury private limousine services. Jumbotransfers provides a wide range of bespoke transportation services using the leading providers at each destination and at unbeatable prices, making it a must-have provider.

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Online booking system

Online distribution platform
Our distribution platform for wholesalers and tour operators provides the most extensive offering on the market all on one single website. We offer you an exclusive international portfolio with excellent availability and the best rates on the market. Moreover, you can enjoy complementary transfers and activities at your destinations so you can offer a complete and unique experience. Además, podrás disfrutar de una oferta complementaria de traslados y actividades en destinos para ofrecer una experiencia completa y única.

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Evolution and technology

Jumbo Tours Group is committed to innovation by investing in its own technology: an advanced API that can access more than 120,000 hotels, with multiple tariffs, identification by nationality and sales channel, and connection with the main Channel Managers and main distribution platforms.

Unbeatable response times

+ 500M inquiry slots offered daily

+ 15K hotels directly contracted

+ 10M transactions with Channel Managers

+ 350M inquiries to suppliers

We evolve according to current needs, working on multi-product sales which include hotels, transfers and excursions. Furthermore, we guarantee tracking and service excellence thanks to tools such as JumboForce, an integrated CRM/SRM system for business processes; and JIP & JIRA, the management system used for operations and administration, back office, invoicing and automated payments.

Our management team

Leadership, industry knowledge and a passion for the pursuit of excellence.

Always focused on the future, each member of our management team brings a set of values, ideas and leadership experience to our partners and clients. Learning and growing together is the key to our business and what guarantees mutual success.

Ginés Martínez Cerdan


Ginés Martínez is the General Director of Jumbo Tours Group, the head of the administration and management of more than 10 companies and 30 offices in Europe, North Africa, Latin America and the USA. He leads the company's management team and outlines profit and loss strategies as well as heading mergers and acquisitions activity.
Ginés joined Jumbo Tours Group more than 15 years ago and has worked both in America and at the headquarters in Palma de Mallorca in different operational, commercial and economic areas of the business. His solid experience of more than 20 years in the tourism industry has given him wide recognition in the sector, granting him a place on the Alpitour World Committee.
Additionally, Ginés is CEO of #Contigo (an incoming division of Grupo Viajes El Corte Inglés and Alpitour World), he is on the advisory board of Top Seed Lab & Segittur and is a partner in Exceltur.

Stéphane Sepúlveda Ibañez


"The Product Director is responsible for defining Jumbo Tours' global product strategy and its implementation. He leads a team of more than 100 people who are in charge of direct purchases from all our hotels, as well as contracting and connecting with other TPS. This includes creating and implementing revenue and pricing strategies, as well as Global Key Account Management for international hotel chains negotiating global agreements and when supporting other contracting teams.

Stephane was born in France and has a degree in Information Systems Management, with extensive experience in the tourism sector. His motto is whatever you do, do it with passion"" and his great obsession is to optimize his time, which leads him to carry out his work in a meticulous, orderly manner and with great diligence and enthusiasm. This makes him a fundamental part of the Jumbo Tours management team."

Amadeo Franquet


"The Commercial and Marketing Director is responsible for the commercial area of Jumbo Tours Group, especially the sales and operations departments. His main function is to develop the commercial strategy of the group worldwide, leading an international sales team with local headquarters and professionalizing customer service to improve the company's competitiveness and productivity. Additionally, he is also a member of the Jumbo Tours Board of Directors.

Married with a daughter, Amadeo has extensive professional experience in the tourism industry, in the management and marketing of large companies, in team management and organization, and in the development of planning strategies based around results and objectives. His international experience having travelled all over the world has endowed him with an open personality and a great ability to adapt to new environments and adverse situations. Aspects that are reflected in his day-to-day work at Jumbo Tours, such as through his strong negotiation and communication skills."

Mar De la Fuente


"The Organization and Technology Director leads the IT, Business Support (Operational Services), Project Management (PMO) and Distribution Performance and Integrations Optimization (ETC) departments.

Its mission is to provide support to all business processes so that the Sales, Product and Operations areas have the appropriate tools and procedures to carry out their work in the most efficient way, as well as manage the necessary changes so that the company can continue to grow in a sustainable and profitable way in an environment that is increasingly competitive and dependent on technology.

Mar was born in Valencia and studied European Business Studies at ICADE at the Fachhochschule für Betriebswirtschaft Reutlingen (Germany). During the last 20 years she has held various positions of responsibility in tourist groups such as TUI, Orizonia and Piñero. She has two daughters, practices sports every day and is in love with outdoor activities."

Sebastián Busquets


"The Financial Director is responsible for the preparation, planning and execution of the financial resources of the Jumbo Tours Group. He is in charge of preparing the company's financial statements, organizing the resources and establishing controls to analyze their evolution and development. In addition, his roles also include analyzing and executing opportunities that arise in each market in order to guarantee the sustainability and optimal financial positioning of the company.

Sebastián, a graduate of Business Sciences, always plans the development of his tasks under the premise of profitability, optimization of resources and the search for team efficiency. Since he joined Jumbo Tours in 2005, he has participated in the main development projects, both at the level of creating new business lines, as well as in the various organizational restructurings that have been carried out."

Eva Ruiz


"The Director of DMC Operations leads the management of everything related to all DMC activity related to receiving, redesigning and reorganizing not only the products but also the tools and systems and giving support to all the DMC business processes in order to make sure that all areas have the appropriate tools and procedures in place.

The DMC is one of the Group's main business lines, dedicated to products, services and destination experiences designed to exceed customer expectations and always bearing in mind corporate, social and environmental responsibility.

Eva was born in Barcelona and has a Diploma in Tourism from CETT UB. During the last 20 years she has acquired extensive experience in the tourism sector with companies such as Transhotel, Soltour, Sol Melia and Ac Hotels. Since her incorporation into Jumbo Tours in 2009, her involvement has been key to the creation of new business lines, development projects, as well as various organizational restructurings."

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