Latest COVID-19 travel updates


JTG – Jumbo Tours Group is constantly monitoring the current situation. That is why we have created this page dedicated to updating all the official statements provided by the different governments where alarm states and/or lockdown have been imposed.

Our Operations and Product team is in active contact with all the hotels involved. We fully understand that this is a truly complex time for all of us who operate in the industry and are committed to doing everything we can to support it:


Fortunately, travel is gradually starting to revive, there are enough open destinations and most travellers can reach their destinations without major complications, therefore, our current global force majeure policy expires today, Wednesday, July 15th.

From Thursday, July 16th, onwards and taking into account travel restrictions both in the country of origin (where the reservation was confirmed) as well as, in the country of destination and according to dates, “force majeure” will be established for each specific corridor.

To help you clearly establish which of your reservations are (or are not) subject to force majeure, we have developed and published two tables on this webpage, where you can see what restrictions apply according to the country of origin and country of destination

Departures by country of origin

Last update 06/08/2020 12:25

TABLE UPDATED PERIODICALLY, more information will be added as soon as we obtain all the necessary data for its publication.

16.07.20 ANDORRA YES UE + Schengen Rest of countries
29.06.20 AUSTRIA Partial prohibition Albania; Bangladesh; Belarus; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Brazil; Bulgaria; Chile; Ecuador; Egypt; India; Indonesia; Iran; Kosovo; Mexico; Montenegro; Nigeria; North Macedonia; Pakistan; Peru; Philippines; Portugal; Republic of Moldova; Romania; Russia; Sweden; Senegal; Serbia; South Africa; Turkey; Ukraine; UNITED STATES; United Kingdom. In addition, partial travel warnings apply to the Chinese province of Hubei and the Italian region of Lombardy.
29.06.20 BÉLGIUM YES All the world except countries with arrival restriction
29.06.20 CANADA YES All the world except countries with arrival restriction
15.07.20 CHINA Partial prohibition Tunez, Tanzania, Saint Lucia, México, Jamaica, Haiti, Rep. Dominicana, Bahamas, Vanuatu, Ucrania, Eslovaquia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Hungría, Belarus, Albania, Uzbekistan, Turquia, Syria, Pakistan, Libano, Macau China Rest of countries
28.05.20 FRANCE YES Every countries except Guyane, Mayotte, Polinesia Francesa, Nueva Caledonia y Wallis & Futuna Norway; Montenegro; Bosnia; Canada, Salvador; Argentina; Cuba, Jamaica, Guatemala; Brasil; Perú, Acuador; Chili; Bolivia; Honduras; Panamá
01.07.20 GERMANY YES UE + Schengen Rest of countries
04.08.20 IRELAND YES Estonia
Rest of countries
15.07.20 PORTUGAL YES UE + Schengen Rest of countries
29.06.20 RUSSIA NO Total restriction on departure
24.07.20 SPAIN YES UE + Schengen + Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japón, Montenegro, Nueva Zelanda, Ruanda, Serbia, South Corea, Tailandia, Túnez y Uruguay. Argelia, China, Marrocco, UK
26.07.20 UNITED KINGDOM YES Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Turkey, Germany, Norway

Other destinations permitted on

Portugal, Sweden, Spain

Arrivals by destination country

Last update 06/08/2020 12:30

LOCK-DOWN DATES, Country of destination with entry restriction, in total or partial de-escalation phase according to official sources.

11.06.20 ALBANIA 18.03.20 30.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
25.05.20 ANDORRA 14.03.20 30.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
28.07.20 ARGENTINA 16.03.20 31.08.20
28.05.20 ARUBA 20.04.20 15.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
04.06.20 AUSTRIA 16.03.20 14.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
04.06.20 BARBADOS 15.04.20 15.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
04.06.20 BELGIUM 18.03.20 14.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
31.07.20 BOLIVIA 15.03.20 15.08.20
02.07.20 BRAZIL 30.03.20 30.07.20 DE-ESCALATION
28.05.20 BULGARIA 18.03.20 14.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
30.07.20 CANADA 18.03.20 21.08.20 DE-ESCALATION
29.07.20 CAPE VERDE 18.03.20 15.08.20 DE-ESCALATION
31.07.20 CHILE 18.03.20 15.08.20 DE-ESCALATION
09.06.20 COLOMBIA 23.03.20 31.08.20
29.06.20 COSTA RICA 21.04.20 31.07.20 DE-ESCALATION
28.05.20 CROATIA 12.03.20 16.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
04.06.20 CUBA 24.03.20 30.06.20
25.05.20 CYPRUS 16.03.20 08.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
22.05.20 CZECH REPUBLIC 18.03.20 13.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
04.06.20 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 16.03.20 30.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
13.07.20 ECUADOR 12.03.20 10.07.20
15.06.20 EGYPT 19.03.20 30.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
22.05.20 ESTONIA 17.03.20 09.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
04.06.20 FINLAND 20.03.20 14.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
28.05.20 FRANCE 18.03.20 15.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
09.06.20 GERMANY 19.03.20 15.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
22.05.20 GREECE 16.03.20 14.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
06.07.20 GUATEMALA 13.04.20 15.08.20 DE-ESCALATION
28.05.20 HUNGARY 30.03.20 07.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
22.05.20 ICELAND 15.04.20 15.05.20 DE-ESCALATION
28.07.20 INDONESIA 20.03.20 30.09.20
09.06.20 IRELAND 23.03.20 19.07.20 DE-ESCALATION
22.05.20 ITALY 23.02.20 03.05.20 DE-ESCALATION
04.06.20 JAMAICA 21.03.20 30.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
28.05.20 JAPAN 07.04.20 07.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
22.05.20 LATVIA 18.03.20 09.06.20
28.05.20 LITHUANIA 18.03.20 16.06.20
09.06.20 MALAYSIA 10.04.20 09.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
09.06.20 MALTA 20.03.20 30.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
15.06.20 MAURITIUS 16.03.20 31.08.20 DE-ESCALATION
04.06.20 MEXICO 30.03.20 07.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
22.05.20 MONACO 17.03.20 03.05.20 DE-ESCALATION
13.07.20 MOROCCO 15.03.20 10.08.20
22.05.20 NETHERLANDS 18.03.20 15.05.20 DE-ESCALATION
09.06.20 NORWAY 14.04.20 15.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
20.07.20 PANAMA 19.03.20 21.08.20 DE-ESCALATION
28.07.20 PARAGUAY 16.03.20 31.08.20 DE-ESCALATION
31.07.20 PERU 18.03.20 15.08.20
09.06.20 POLAND 11.04.20 12.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
16.06.20 PORTUGAL 18.03.20 30.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
28.05.20 ROMANIA 23.03.20 07.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
06.07.20 RUSSIA 18.03.20 31.07.20
22.05.20 SEYCHELLES 09.04.20 15.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
04.06.20 SINGAPORE 03.04.20 15.06.20
09.06.20 SLOVAKIA 13.03.20 26.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
22.05.20 SLOVENIA 17.03.20 11.05.20 DE-ESCALATION
09.06.20 SOUTH AFRICA 24.03.20 15.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
09.06.20 SPAIN 14.03.20 21.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
28.07.20 THAILAND 19.03.20 31.08.20 DE-ESCALATION
04.06.20 TUNISIA 18.03.20 26.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
28.05.20 TURKEY 17.03.20 10.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
25.06.20 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 19.03.20 06.07.20 DE-ESCALATION
06.07.20 UNITED KINGDOM 23.03.20 09.07.20 DE-ESCALATION
22.05.20 UNITED STATES 17.03.20 15.05.20 DE-ESCALATION
11.06.20 URUGUAY 19.03.20 30.06.20 DE-ESCALATION
13.07.20 VENEZUELA 19.03.20 12.08.20
09.06.20 VIETNAM 18.03.20 30.06.20 DE-ESCALATION

So keep in mind the following two very important points:

We will not proactively cancel reservations. This means that:

  • It is your responsibility to cancel any reservation before arrival. Non-cancellation will be understood as the services have been consumed and therefore the cancellation terms and policies reported in the confirmation of each reservation will apply.
  • If travellers are unable to reach their destination due to exceptional circumstances, such as flight cancellations, we are required to request proof of these flight cxl or other official proof by email, etc … so that we can waive any charges, if applicable and if the provider accepts.

Disclaimer on future reservations:

  • This will only apply to reservations made prior to May 1st, since from that date we consider that travellers are knowledgeable and aware of the current situation, as well as the uncertainties, restrictions, and cancellation policies that apply. Except in those corridors where new restrictions or lockdowns have been declared due to COVID19, which prevent travelers from reaching their destination.
  • Likewise, we would like to remind you that, due to the measures and guidelines implemented by Governments, it is possible that not all facilities and services are available. We apologize for any inconvenience that this inevitable change may cause and we inform you that we will not accept claims for the lack of any service or limitation thereof due to these exceptional circumstances.
  • Remember that any reservation not cancelled before check-in, will be considered as payment and therefore will be invoiced.
  • In those cases where “force majeure” is applied corridor by corridor, it is likely that the system will automatically generate expenses, if so, please send an email to requesting the exemption of these expenses detailing the references.

As always, your regular JTG – Jumbo Tours Group contact will be able to answer any questions or give you the support you may need.


Best regards,

JTG Team – Jumbo Tours Group

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