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JTG – Jumbo Tours Group is constantly monitoring the current situation. With special attention to any restriction changes and/or limitations which countries and regions are applying due to the evolution of COVID-19. Our Operations, Product and Commercial teams are therefore in active contact with all the hotels and clients affected. This pandemic is significantly impacting our sector and represents a truly complex moment for all of us who operate in the industry, but we are committed to doing everything possible to support it.


Unfortunately, although destinations are beginning to open up, the upsurges and restrictive measures imposed by governments and health authorities have prevented the desired progressive reactivation of travel. This means our current global force majeure policy expired last July 15.

From Thursday 16 July onwards, taking into account travel dates and restrictions both in the country of origin (where the reservation was made) and in the country of travel “force majeure” will be established for each specific corridor.

To help you clearly establish which of your reservations are (or are not) subject to force majeure, our operations department has updated information according to country of origin and country of travel.

Please note the following:

JTG will not proactively cancel reservations, meaning:

  • It is your responsibility to cancel any reservation prior to the client’s arrival at their destination. Failure to cancel the reservation prior to the date of service means it will be understood that services have been consumed and therefore the terms and cancellation policies in each reservation confirmation will apply.
  • If the cancellation has been made correctly and generated expenses, in cases where a force majeure prevents the trip from occurring, such as: border closures, quarantines, special visas/insurances, PCR tests, region blockades, etc. We are obliged to ask for official proof by e-mail, or similar, so we can exempt any charges, if applicable (both in flexible and non-refundable rates).
  • In the event that a regulatory change occurs [due to force majeure] on the same day of the trip which thus prevents the traveller from arriving at their destination and cancelling their reservation, it will also be essential to present supporting documentation within a maximum period of 48 hours, so that we can waive any charges, if applicable.

Disclaimer of responsibility for future bookings:

This will only apply to reservations made before May 1, 2020. After that date we believe travellers have been aware of the current situation, uncertainties, restrictions and cancellation policies that apply. Except in those corridors where new restrictions or the state of alarm from COVID-19 has been declared due to new outbreaks, which prevent travellers from reaching their destination.

We would also like to remind you that, due to the measures and guidelines implemented by governments, not all facilities and services may be available. We apologise for any inconvenience this unavoidable change may cause and inform you that we will not accept claims for the lack of any service or limitation of service due to these exceptional circumstances.

Remember that any reservation which is not cancelled before the check-in, will be considered as paid and therefore will be billed.

In cases where “force majeure” is applied on a broker-by-broker basis, it is likely that the system will automatically generate charges. If this is the case, please send an email to: requesting the exemption of these charges, detailing the references and attaching the supporting documentation justifying such.

As always, your usual contact at JTG – Jumbo Tours Group, will be able to answer any questions or give you the support you may need.

Best regards,

JTG Team – Jumbo Tours Group

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