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They are the future generation of consumers, and their likes, habits and needs have their own characteristics.  We are talking of the millennials, the young generation who are already taking up the reins of the market.  Do you want to know how millennials travel?  What they are looking for in their destinations or how far in advance they organise their holidays?   Here we have some discussion points:

Who are they?
Born between 1981 and 1995, they grew up with the change of the millennium and are considered as the first generation of digital natives.   That’s why they dominant the new technologies perfectly, taking them as their own.  They cannot resist any digital environment and all kinds of applications are their tools for socialising, learning, solving doubts and of course looking for travel.

When do they travel?
The passion for knowing new places is one of the characteristics which defines the millennials, who consider all types of travel as a good investment.   That’s why the frequency with which they pack their bags to go and discover the world is much higher than in previous generations.   According to the study “Tourist habits: how do the millennials travel” carried out by Hundredrooms and the business school ESERP, the majority of the millennials usually make trips at least once every three to six months.  Including 28.6% who say they make trips at least once a month.

How do they organise their trips?
Choosing a destination in advance in order to find better prices and to have more choice is an upward trend among millennials.   According to the study by ESERP and Hundredrooms, more than half look for transport and accommodation somewhere between 6 months and 1 month compared to 5.4% who organise everything less than 1 month beforehand.  As for the dates in which they prefer to travel, the majority say they are indifferent, but because of study or work make 42.8% travel during the summer, between June 20 and September 22.

They know that in reality it’s not necessary to have a big budget to be able to go travelling and that’s why they compare prices across the network, their main source of information.  It is one of the points where Jumbo Beds have much to offer to this generation, offering the best services at the most reasonable prices is a must in 100% of cases and is also one of the reasons that has made it the leader in its sector between online travel agencies.

As for the average millennial spending, the study carried out by Hundredrooms and ESERP affirms that 18.8% spend less than 50 euros per night on accommodation, 37.1% between 50 and 100 euros: 28.5% between 100 and 200 euros and 15.6& more than 200 euros.

Where do they travel to?
Their own country and continental Europe are among the first options when the millennials intend to take a trip.   And as for the type of destination, the majority of those interviewed prefer cultural spaces, monuments, museums and temples.  In second place, they appreciate destinations with beaches and mountains, followed by those related to sports.   Additionally, they prefer stays of more than 2 days to be able to explore the destination and take part in some activities to get to know the local environment in more detail.  This is another point where Jumbo Beds has advantages over other online tourism agencies, as it also offers activities at the destination which they adapt to the customer’s tastes.

What do they value most?
The travel cost is a key factor for the millennials, but they also look for quality.   That’s why the opinions and comments of other travellers are highly valued by millennials.  They will choose different accommodation from the one they had originally thought of if the reviews about it are not positive.